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We offer maintenance-free Storage Trailers, Drop Trailers, Logo Trailers, and Custom Trailer Rental

Brockman Storage Trailers Rents Drop Trailers

Whether you are moving your business, remodeling your office, or just need some storage for a while, try a Brockman Drop Trailer.  

Secure Trailer Storage

Our drop trailers are safe, secure, watertight, and nearly indestructible and come in 28-foot, 45-foot, 48-foot and 53-foot sizes.

Brockman takes the stress out of moving as one of our friendly and professional drivers will drop off the trailer. You load it up at your own pace and schedule a time for us to bring it to the unloading address—usually the same driver will pick it up. Need it stored instead? We will be happy to store it at one of our many yards in the St. Paul area. 

Moving, Transfers, or Weekly or Monthly Freight

If you need help with moving, transferring a load, or a regular haul of weekly or monthly freight, call Brockman Storage Trailers now. We’ll save you time and money and provide you with great service every time. Transfers are from one building to another, not one trailer to another, we don’t cross dock product.