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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

Why Brockman Keeps on Truckin'

Here at Brockman, we understand that people have a choice when it comes to their storage and hauling needs. Options, in some ways, are virtually endless, particularly from a storage standpoint. And the conversation surrounding what’s “best” for particular needs depends on more factors than we could probably ever effectively address.

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The Rules of Storage

Knowing What to Keep Out of Your Storage Trailer.

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Finding the Right Storage Solution

Should you store inventory in trailers or in warehouses?

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Our Storage Trailers Pass Inspection

Our customers can rest easy…knowing that we are taking care of the trailers that are taking care of their belongings.

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The Brockman Story

The holidays are upon us. A season about memories, giving, and family. That’s why this time of year makes us think so much about how everything got started here at Brockman.

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Storage Containers VS Storage Trailers

Do you need to make room for storage? Do you need to add to your space capacity? Is this the first time you are looking for storage options, or are you expanding on the storage space you’ve used? Wherever you find yourself, we are here to help you make the best storage solution decision.

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The Five Most Common Packing Mistakes

So the time has come to start packing things up. You've rented a storage container or a trailer and you have your time set to begin moving things. Often times in the details, people make simple mistakes that cost them.  So consider these common packing mistakes and make this a checklist of tips to help you avoid big messes and ruined treasures.

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Logo Trailers Provide a Cost-Effective Marketing Solution


If you're storing your goods in a trailer on a job site, at an offsite location, or at a place where signage is not permitted, this may be a good time to consider creating or enhancing your company logo.

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Drop Trailers Could Be the Solution You’re Looking For

With all of the shipping, moving, packaging, and quality control options, some practical solutions are often overlooked. People forget the control that they can maintain in packaging, storing, and shipping merchandise and belongings.

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How to Pack a Storage Trailer

How to Pack a Storage Trailer Packing takes time. As tedious as it may sometimes seem, the more time you take being deliberate, the less time you’ll spend on the other side of shipping cleaning up messes. So once you have chosen your trailer and have your items ready for loading, it’s time to get organized.

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How Many Pallets Fit in a Storage Trailer or Container?

When trying to figure how many pallets can fit in a container for shipping, it’s about more than answering the question, “How much room is there?” Several things need to be considered before the final pallet count per container can be determined. 

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What to Look for When Renting a Storage Trailer or Container

If you’re going to trust a company to store or haul your belongings, it should be about more than money. Consider these tips to making the right decision:

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