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Goodwill & Brockman - Partnership that's Good for Everyone

Brockman Trailers built a partnership with Goodwill Easter Seals to make efficiency possible by making logistics manageable. We’re making their work possible by meeting practical needs in their operation. 

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Brockman Trailers, we have built, sustained, and grown our business by the belief that our job is to make other businesses successful. By joining with them as they evaluate their operation, identify their logistical gaps, and formulate sustainable, affordable paths forward, we’re giving other businesses the tools they need to continue to serve their customers. 


Brockman Trailers & Goodwill Easter Seals of Minnesota

In 2018, Brockman Trailers formed a partnership with the thrift, retail non-profit Goodwill Easter Seals of Minnesota. The business model for Goodwill requires a significant capacity for storage, since seasonal selling cycles determine so much of storage and inventory management. Consider the logistical and warehousing challenge that emerges when a donation-centered business receives a massive influx of winter clothing at the end of winter. It requires a panoramic view of a company. Because of this, they needed an off-site storage resource that was centralized, reliable, affordable, and organized. 

Brockman provided a single, dedicated location for storage and warehousing, giving Goodwill the ability to maintain higher control over its operation from a seasonal and operational standpoint as well as from a long-term logistical one. And because Brockman made Goodwill’s storage location adjacent to its own service and repair facility, vehicle and trailer repairs and DOT inspections have been much more streamlined. 

It’s been a partnership in creative problem-solving, in logistical collaboration, and in mutual dependence on each other’s expertise. 

The relationship between Brockman Trailers and Goodwill Easter Seals Minnesota streamlined processes and jumped logistical hurdles. It made a vital organization function much more efficiently, bringing more control and opportunites to their operation.

Above all, it allowed each company to do what it does best.