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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

Stop Storing Off-Site

The more time you spend managing items, inventory, and processes that are off-site and away from your primary operation, the more money you’re spending. Even a cheaper off-site storage solution can end up costing you more by consuming your resources.

Operational Expense

Anything that’s not on-site is a potential drain on your systems, budgets, and resources. Whether it’s the general overhead expense of the storage facility you’re renting or it’s the cost of tracking, managing, storing, moving, and maintaining of its contents, off-site storage is an operational investment. Consider the benefit that comes with on-site access to your inventory before you assume that you’re stuck with only off-site solutions.

Human Expense

As a business owner or manager, you’re already all-too-aware of the money that is lost because of time that is wasted. Whether it’s inefficient processes or time-sucking meetings; whether  it’s talking around the water cooler or scrolling through social media, the number of hours wasted ultimately has a dollar amount associated with it. You need to ask whether you can afford to send employees off-site to manage inventory or storage. You need to assess whether the time you’re spending by not keeping your operation on-site is worth the money you’re spending.


Off-site storage solutions for business can offer convenience and opportunity for businesses to expand their operations without unnecessary burdens on a company. However, it’s also a two-way street - one that should be carefully considered. The right storage solution could be the difference between efficiency and inefficiency for your company. At Brockman Trailers, we can help you decide the route you should take. Let us know what your needs are and we’ll give you some options.