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Consistency for your Business in a Recovering Economy

Businesses have been dragged through more in the last year than most of them have ever been through or will ever go through. Economic indicators aren’t necessarily promising anything spectacular in terms of recovery and most businesses are still operating in a scaled back capacity on at least some level. From mandated government closures to economic shutdowns, production delays, inflated pricing, and over a year of unprecedented instability, being a business owner in 2021 is not for the faint of heart.

But all is not lost!

Companies that successfully navigated the COVID shut down and have calibrated effectively now have the opportunity to bring stability to their operation. Many of the accommodations learned through quarantine can be carried forward into a new daily operation. Many of the lessons learned about efficiency and productivity can be turned into new standards that help keep companies in the black even when things seem too far gone.

Keeping Productivity as the Standard

Many companies were forced to consider how they could keep their employees engaged and productivity standards high even while production workflows were interrupted. Manufacturing slowed, stalled, and even altogether stopped for many. Employees were sent home, furloughed, or let go. Office buildings were ghost towns and manufacturing floors were storage sheds.

But now with things slowly moving forward, we can take the lessons learned from this time and make ourselves more agile and productive for the future.

How many man hours did you save by avoiding meetings? How much time was saved by avoiding small talk in the break room or by not having your office accessible to Jan, the person who loves to interrupt your day to show pictures of her Pomeranian.

The point is this: Just because our nation is getting back to work, that doesn’t mean that we have to return to EVERYTHING we once did. We can learn from our time away, adapt our workdays, and move forward with more productivity and less waste.

From productivity and team leadership to workflows and organizational structures, we all have had a chance to reset many things about our businesses. As the economic recovery continues, we at Brockman Trailers will do our best to capture the lessons from the season we’re just coming out of. 

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