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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

Three Business-Focused Storage Solutions from Brockman Trailers

Storage Trailers from Brockman Trailers

Brockman Trailers has been doing the work we do for decades, giving businesses a storage solution that works for them. Each trailer and each solution gives our customers as much control as they want and need over their belongings. But each business and each situation is different, and that's why Brockman Trailers is here. 

 Storage Solutions for any Season of Your Business

Storage Trailer

On-Site Storage - for a short time or indefinitely.

Storage trailers from Brockman Trailers are available in lengths ranging from 28 feet to 53 feet, with the opportunity to have the trailer stored at your location or on one of our Twin Cities-based lots for only $40 per month. The storage trailer solution from Brockman Trailers offers business owners a chance to protect their belongings without disproportionally straining their budgets. This solution is good for the bottom line while it also keeps an operation moving ahead.

Drop Trailer

On-Site Loading - stored at our location or brought to wherever you need it

Whether you are moving your company to a new location or needing to temporarily relocate furniture or inventory during a facility upgrade or office remodeling project, a Drop Trailer from Brockman Trailers can be the perfect solution for you. Brockman Trailers remove the stress by letting you control your belongings at each step of the process.

For Drop Trailers, our driver will drop the trailer off. Once it is loaded (which can be done at your pace and on your schedule), our driver will return to pick it up. It can then be taken to your new location or stored on-site at one of our storage yards.

Logo Trailer

On-Site Storage - that's also an on-site billboard for your company and products

If you are going to have a trailer parked at your location for an extended amount of time, it may be the right move to have a custom-designed trailer brought to your location. Logo trailers can serve as a billboard for your company, with a unique logo or product highlight, a custom design for a storage trailer can advertise your brand and extend your reach.

To find the solution that's right for you or to talk to a member of our team, click here.