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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

Long-Term Storage Can Help Business

Long-Term Commercial Storage

Whether for inventory support or transitioning to a new or updated operating space, businesses look for commercial storage solutions for a variety of reasons. At Brockman Trailers, we work with companies in just about every conceivable scenario. For some, we’re brought in for a short season. For others, it’s a long-term solution to expand storage capacity without the need to expand facility square footage.

For companies looking specifically for long-term storage, there are options to consider.


Drop Trailers

Drop trailers from Brockman Trailers are safe, secure, watertight, and just about indestructible. These trailers come in 28-foot, 45-foot, 48-foot and 53-foot sizes. We can drop the trailer off at your location and keep it there for as long as you need it. If you don’t have the room to store it or if you need to clear the area for construction, we can move the trailer to one of our secure storage lots until you’re ready for it back on-site.

Logo Trailers

A more strategic move for your operation may be a logo trailer. Long-term custom trailer rentals can be treated with your logo or custom design. It will promote your company or product and serve as an extension of your branding efforts. These trailers are especially effective in high traffic areas or along major highways.

Not sure what to do?

Brockman Trailers has the equipment you can trust and the storage solutions you need. It might just be a matter of deciding what is best.

We can help with that too.

Let us help you figure out exactly what you should do for your storage needs.