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Small Business Advice

Managing Your Space and Maintaining Your Sanity

When running a small business, it’s easy to get caught up with the day-to-day operations so much that you find yourself unable to ever tackle bigger projects. That storage space that’s chaotic, unorganized, and maybe even a little bit dangerous to walk into. The old equipment that’s collecting dust but you’re not sure what to do with. The stack of things that you filed under “To Deal With Later” only to discover that “Later” has never come. 

To help you move outside of the day-to-day sprint and get ahead of some of the storage and inventory management headaches you’re dealing with, consider some of these tips that are easily implementable by making small changes.

Invest in Organization

Depending on the size of your company, this may mean hiring a temporary worker or even a niece or nephew looking to make a few extra bucks. It’s probably also worth investing a little bit of money into good shelving, waterproof/critter-proof storage, and labeling. If you can hand over at least 80% of the job to someone else…someone who isn’t carrying the heavy responsibility that you carry for your business…you’ll be able to get your space organized without trying to find extra time in your already busy day.

Inventory Tracking

If your inventory is your revenue, it’s worth investing in the processes and software that will make this part of your business efficient. There are some very strong, very reliable inventory tracking and management tools available. By implementing them into your day-to-day operation and into your technology, you’re making your business more efficient. It’s another way that you’re able to take something off your plate so that your business’s operation runs smoother.

Quality Control

Can you change your process and your routine enough to schedule 10 minutes into your day for quality control? If you can begin to make routine inspections and quality checks a part of each morning or each afternoon, you can start to get ahead of any issues. When employees are starting to get lazy, you’ll notice. When items aren’t put where they belong, you’ll notice. Quality control is an investment of time that makes a big difference to your bottom line.

Rent More Space

Some of your organizational headache could be the result of limited space for your operation. If productivity is being interrupted by overcrowding or chaotic surroundings, it may be worth considering an expansion of capacity. This expansion does not mean you have to add a new pole barn. It’s as easy as on-site storage solutions like something you see here. Storage is often simply a decision to make room for your business to move forward.

As you consider your next steps forward as a small business, remember that small, incremental changes are often the most critical ones. The big, scary challenges you face as a business-owner or manager are often able to be tackled one simple, good decision at a time.