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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

The Five Most Common Packing Mistakes

So the time has come to start packing things up. You've rented a storage container or a trailer and you have your time set to begin moving things. Often times in the details, people make simple mistakes that cost them.  So consider these common packing mistakes and make this a checklist of tips to help you avoid big messes and ruined treasures.

1.) Packing and Storing Liquids:

Liquids do not store or transfer well, no matter how well they are packed. Check with your shipping or storage company, as they will often have a list of restricted liquids that are not allowed in a trailer or storage container. Try to avoid buying liquids close to your packing date and if you can, donate or toss opened or almost gone items. It may be cheaper to buy new than to pay to move them.

2.) Smelly & Corrosive Items:

Avoid bad smelling items that are corroding or have been used to store chemicals or toxic materials…items such as gas, fertilizers and compost. Storing or shipping items with strong smells can permanently ruin other items when they are left in close proximity without ventilation.

3.) Perishable Items:

Perishables do just that: they perish. Though you may be moving them for a short time or a short distance, consider the environment and conditions that perishables need to maintain quality. Just like with liquids, as you approach your packing date, avoid buying these items. Buy fresh when you reach your destination. If it can rot, then pack it not.

4.) Loose & Sloppy Packing:

As you pack your items on your trailer or container, keep things snug. The less space between items the less chance of shifting. Shifting items can cause broken or damaged goods, as well as a dangerous unpacking experience. Heavy on the bottom, light on the top.

5.) Glass on the Bottom:

If your items are breakable, never pack them on the bottom. Glass on the bottom will break due to the pressure, even if what is on top seems light. So mark which items are breakable and keep them towards the top, no matter what. Keep them packed tight…but not too tight…and package glass in a protective layer of bubble wrap or something that will fill the space between each item. This will help keep your glass items from breaking against each other during transport.

So while you are packing, keep these things in mind:

  • Perishables are never right.
  • Keep it clean and keep it tight.
  • Load your items heavy to light.