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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

Storage Solutions in Our New Economy

 The COVID-19 crisis has brought many of our workplaces to a standstill. The supply chain has been stalled, interrupted, and, in some cases, completely annihilated. Companies have pivoted, changed direction, shifted focus, and done everything within their strategic and financial potential to keep their businesses afloat. 

In this upheaval, many companies are needing to reevaluate, reorganization, redesign, and reimagine their space to make room for social distancing in the new world we are in. As you consider how your company will manage new space requirements, new office layouts, and alternative workspaces, Brockman Trailers can provide you with the practical support you need to make saving space a quick, simple solution. 


Storage for Redesigns 

Social distancing guidelines have meant that businesses need to be set up with 6 feet of space between workstations. Gone are the days of compact work environments, with wall-to-wall desks or cubicles. As you find yourself needing to move furniture out so that spaces can be more open and virus-free, consider a drop trailer from Brockman. These trailers can be brought to your location and left on-site or stored at one of our secure facilities. This solution will allow you to protect the furniture you won't be using for the duration of these restrictions. 

Storage for Remodeling 

Some companies are using this time of economic slowdown to breath new life into spaces that have long needed a refresh. Whether an office space, restaurant, or industrial warehouse, a storage solution from Brockman Trailers will give you the chance to clear your space so that your new construction can be completed without the hassle of working around items and without risk of damaging your furniture or inventory. 

Storage for Any Occasion

At Brockman Trailers, we remain committed to the businesses who rely on us for a reliable, safe, storage solution for the seasonal or long-term needs of their operation. If we can help you with making the right decision on next steps for your business’s operation and storage, let us know.

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