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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

Storage Solutions Through the Winter

It seems wrong to talk about winter, as summer still feels like it's here. But as all of us who have been in Minnesota know all-to-well, winter could be here before we know it. If you’re like most business owners, always trying to be planning for the season ahead, then it’s time to think about your operation and how it will function, operate, and thrive through the winter months.

At Brockman Trailers, we’re in the business of helping your business succeed. We’ve been doing it for almost 80 years in a variety of ways. As our fleet of trailers has grown over the years and as our services have expanded, we’ve found that the most efficiently run businesses are those that find creative ways to solve the problems they’re facing.

Facility Support

The storage trailers provided by Brockman Trailers can either be stored at one of our secure storage yards or on your own property. Where it’s located is secondary to why it’s being used. Many times, as operations grow or are in seasons of transition, leadership teams are in a quandary as they consider how they’ll manage the demands on their space. An easy, unconventional solution is to simply expand your operation space by letting a storage trailer be used for warehouse space. Inventory doesn’t need to be managed in your facility’s footprint when you use a storage trailer.

Seasonal Solutions

As distributors and manufacturers manage seasonal demands on their operations, a storage trailer can be the difference between an operation that flows and an operation that slows. Seasonal storage can be used for companies who are sitting on inventory because of a slow down in demand or for those preparing for upcoming demands associated with business seasons, the holidays, or other factors. A temporary addition of storage space could keep your operation moving ahead


Keeping your trailer at your location - whether temporarily or permanently - may also be a great way to tell your brand story to customers and local traffic. By putting your logo on the trailer, your operation’s name recognition can grow. Whether on a construction site or at a facility where you’re needing the additional square footage, a storage trailer can be a sleek, creative way to advertise for your company.


Whatever the needs of your facility, you should never feel trapped by your existing square footage. A simple use of a storage trailer can make a big difference for your company, in any season of business.

To find the right storage solution for you, talk to us. We’ll get you set up with what’s best.