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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

Turning On-Site Storage into On-Site Advertising

Over the course of the past year, with all that has transpired in the workplace, many companies are rethinking their need for space. At the very least, they’re rethinking exactly how much space they really need. Home offices replaced cubicles. On-site staff were limited to what are now being called essential personnel and the rest were working somewhere else — if at all. Many things have begun a journey back to normalcy, but many companies are still pivoting in their understanding of their space and how they want to manage it.

A Different Solution for Your Company?

A trailer from Brockman Trailers gives you the chance to keep your inventory on-site without adding undue strain on your budget or operations. Rather than holding onto warehouse space that you don’t need, you can save money in operating expenses and simply rent a trailer.

However, the benefits of these trailers go beyond simply affordable, on-site, and portable storage. By employing the use of a logo trailer, you have the opportunity to solve critical storage and operational infrastructure dilemmas while also making the trailer an expression of your company’s brand.

Long-Term Storage

ong-term storage needs often mean that you’re going to have a storage trailer on location for an extended period of time. Long-term custom trailer rentals can be made to reflect your brand with a logo or custom design on the side. It makes a job trailer look great and gets your brand front and center.

As you look at next steps for your company, deciding on the type of operational space you need and the type of storage you should plan for, let us help you make the right next steps. Our logo trailers can turn an operational decision into a marketing one by taking on-site storage into on-site advertising.