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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

Choosing a Storage Solution That’s Permanent

Permanent Storage and the Right Choice for Your Business

When choosing a storage solution, there are a lot of questions you need to ask. How long will you be storing your items? How much space do you need? What kinds of items will you be storing and are they vulnerable to certain elements (such as extreme temperatures, humidity, etc.)? The answers you come up with to those questions will determine the best storage solution. But sometimes the answer is a little bit easier to find because the problem you’re trying to solve is easy to identify.

You need more room.


Often times, storage options aren’t a matter of convenience but of necessity. And in the absence of a facility-expansion plan, a storage solution is the only real way (and by far the most economical way) to increase your storage capacity.

Need Access to Your Items?

Perhaps the best option to increase your storage potential and still maintain control over your inventory is an on-site drop trailer. These trailers are literally dropped at your location wherever you want them by one of our drivers. They can then be kept on-site to provide the storage—and increased square footage—that you need. Because it’s onsite, you are able to arrange and rearrange your storage as much as you need to. You can also have these trailers branded with your logo and artwork, so that it is seen as an extension of your facilities.

Drop trailers are an overnight solution to substantially increasing your storage square footage capacity.

Don’t Need Access?

If you need a permanent (or at least indefinite) storage solution, but know that you don’t need access to the items you’re storing, you can still have a trailer brought to your location. After you’re done filling it, you can call Brockman Trailers again, and the same driver that dropped the trailer at your location will come pick it up and bring it to one of our nearby facilities. Your trailer full of your items will be held at one of our lots until you need it brought back to your facility or moved somewhere else.

The extra room you need doesn’t require a construction project. It requires a phone call to Brockman Trailers. Talk to us today about your storage needs, and we’ll make sure you get the storage solution that’s right for you.