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Questioning Your Commercial Space

Should You Reduce? Stay where you’re at? Expand? Move somewhere new?

In this economic season, commercial property is a topic of discussion. Many companies have questioned whether they should renew their leases on spaces they’ve had for years. Some have reimagined their space and done away with offices. Some have left their offices empty for almost a year, standing as a monument to the day the world shut down from the pandemic.

On one hand, there’s reason to believe that things with the pandemic have shifted and we can begin to cautiously set our sites on re-engaging. Our lives could return to some sense of normalcy before long. With normalcy, could come a return to the office.

On the other hand, many companies have discovered that their businesses were able to survive — and in some cases thrive — even while they weren’t in their traditional office spaces. But the jury is still out on whether they’ll be able to sustain the productivity. Has the Coronavirus given us a jaded view of productivity?

This has led some companies to reconsider whether they really need the square footage they once thought they needed.

Our Dependence on Space Has Changed

Our new normal has changed our perspective on what’s essential for the workplace. Companies that never allowed employees to work from home suddenly figured out how to make it work. However, the other side of that narrative has yet to be written. Whether productivity can continue will determine how companies approach their lease agreements and corporate property decisions.

Before you move too quickly toward your next decision, take some time to determine what productivity will look like going forward. Wherever you’re at in your decision-making, Brockman is here to help you manage the space you’re in. Our on-site and off-site storage solutions can help you make room where you need to make room. We can also help you bridge the gap between where you’re at today and where’re going next.