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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

Deciding on a Storage Unit: What Size and What Type?

What Size Storage Unit Do You Need?

How do you know exactly what size storage unit you need to rent? Whether you’re renting an on-site storage trailer or hauling your belongings or inventory to a secure storage location, knowing what size unit you need is the difference between not having enough room to meet your requirements and paying for too much space.

So consider a few things as you make your decision.



Before you start shopping for rental space for your inventory or belongings, spend some time doing an inventory of what exactly you want to store. Are the items consistently shaped? Are they stackable? Are you expecting to be adding to the items while they’re in storage? The more you know about your items (the amount of space they’ll take up, how easily and safely they’ll store, whether the weather will impact them, whether you’re going to need additional space), the easier it’s going to be to make the right storage solution.

Measure Out the Space

Before you make a decision on what size unit you need, go through the manual steps of measuring out the space of the units available to you. Take a tape measure and layout the measurements in a garage or open space. It will help you envision the space much more effectively than simply looking on a website and basing your decision on a hunch.

One more thing: Be sure you’re thinking about height as well. If you have items that can stack, storage capacity should be measured in cubic footage, not just square footage.

Think About Convenience

It’s easy to look only at cost when it comes to storage. If a 5’ x 10’ storage unit (which will generally store the belongings of a 1-bedroom apartment) will be sufficient, that’s great. But will you need to access items that you’re storing? Are you storing inventory or seasonal equipment that you’ll want to regularly access? If you’re looking at a long-term storage solution and realize that you’ll need to access your items somewhat regularly, you’re better off selecting a slightly larger storage unit. The added space allows you to organize and inventory your items in a logical, accessible way.

At Brockman Trailers, we are continually building our fleet of storage trailers so that we can continually build out services for our customers. We make storage solutions easy to manage, by offering our customers reliable, consistent service with storage solutions that protect their items and protect their budgets. From drop trailers to off-site storage, our solutions come in multiple sizes and can be scaled to meet your needs.

Talk to a Brockman Trailers rep when it’s time to decide on the storage unit for your business or home storage needs.