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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

Federal Cartridge and Brockman Trailers

When Federal Cartridge Company came to Brockman Trailers, they needed solutions for a variety of organizational and operational issues that were disrupting workflow, limiting leadership’s ability to manage, and ultimately effecting their bottom line. Their facility was unable to keep up with the demands of storage, manufacturing, and inventory. 

Solving Operational Challenges with Simple to Manage Solutions

Federal Cartridge Company's operation faced a critical issue that needed a quick solution if they were going to continue to meet growing production demands. The company ran out of space for the raw materials they needed on hand for production. This limited space for storage and inventory was leading to operational challenges further down their process. Some of these operational challenges would be eased when facility transitions were complete, but not all of them. The seasonality of demands on their products meant that there would always be seasons of greater facility demands.

On-Site Storage to Ease Facility Demand

To support Federal Cartridge Company with their temporary, seasonal, and long-term facility limitations, Brockman Trailers entered into a lease agreement for on-site storage trailers. These trailers would function as additional warehouse space for raw materials to be available for Federal’s production calendar. They’d also be used for operational support as facilities were transitioned and expanded.

Perhaps the area of greatest distinction for Federal’s work with Brockman has been in the need they had to have their materials and products transported between facilities. Brockman provided the transport service that kept them able to meet demands and stay on schedule. 

For over 10 years, Brockman has been proud to partner with Federal Cartridge Company, bringing stability to their operation, expanding their square footage, and increasing their capacity to serve their customers.

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