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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

Inventory Management from Brockman Trailers

At Brockman Trailers, we offer a wide range of storage solutions for manufacturing and distribution centers across the state of Minnesota. Our storage trailers can be stored on-site or off-site. They can be rented as a temporary housing for overflow or seasonal inventory. They can be used as a permanent (or semi-permanent) inventory management solution. Whatever the inventory or storage need, Brockman Trailers has a solution to help you manage your inventory.

 On-Site Inventory 

Distribution and manufacturing centers rely upon storage and inventory management in order to meet business demands and keep customers satisfied. It’s about more than a place to keep materials. It’s also about storing, managing, organizing, and shipping. It must make it possible to manage digital inventories. And it must

On-site Drop Trailers from Brockman can be brought to your facility and stored on-site. These trailers can be kept on location for a short period of time or indefinitely. They serve to meet seasonal, on-demand storage needs as well as a facility overflow demands. If an on-site storage trailer works best for your operation, you could legitimize your it more by having your logo put on the trailer.

Off-Site Trailers from Brockman offer an alternative inventory management solution. These trailers can be filled at your location but then picked up and transferred to one of Brockman’s secure storage locations. This allows you to free up space at your location, particularly by moving items you do not need to regularly access to another location.

Brockman Trailers is adding to the efficiency and effectiveness of companies across the state, by making storage an easy problem to solve. Whether storing inventory temporarily or permanently, whether keeping it on-site or moving it to another location, we’re supporting manufacturing and distribution centers in their work.