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Choosing a Storage Option: What We've Learned

Why a Storage Solution Isn’t Always an Easy Decision

Costs. Conditions. Contracts. 

You have a lot to consider when it comes to the decisions you make about storage. As you think about what exactly you need to store, how long you need to store it, and where it needs to happen, there are a few things we've picked up along the way that we thought we’d share.


Cost Isn’t Everything

It’s easy to think only in terms of cost when considering your storage option. You do an online search for what you need (like “onsite storage container”) and then sort your options based on cost. Who's the cheapest? Obviously cost is an important factor, but it’s not everything. You also should learn what contract requirements a storage company may have. Do your research to find out if the low price you found is essentially a gimmick that doesn’t reflect the final price or if low prices are based on whether you agree to a long-term contract.

Make Sure the Weather Stays Outside

This may seem obvious. Of course you won’t use an outdoor, unheated storage facility for materials or inventory that can’t be exposed to the cold. But the conversation goes beyond temperatures. It’s about the condition of your container.

When considering a storage option, do a visual inspection of the space. Look for water damage and signs of freezing, like ice build up on the walls or signs of past moisture on the floor. See if you find any reasons that the integrity of your belongings could be compromised in the space you’re considering. If there’s evidence that the weather outside has been making its way inside, consider a different option.

Short-Term or Long-Term

How long will you need to store the items you’re storing? If it’s only for seasonal inventory, you may find that a short-term on-site solution is best. If it's an overflow of your warehouse or office storage, for items like inventory, records, or office furniture, an off-site facility may work the best. For a semi-permanent solution, an on-site, branded trailer could be the solution that works best for you. You may find that the convenience of having access to your materials on-site is worth having a storage trailer brought to you.

Costs. Conditions. Contracts.

What a storage solution costs needs to be balanced by the reliability of the space and the terms of the agreement. Without considering all of the factors of your situation, you could make a short-sighted decision.

For help making the storage solution decision that’s best for your business or personal belongings, talk to the professionals who have more than 75 years in the industry. We can help you with the right solution, at the right time and the right cost.