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The latest news from Brockman Trucking, including helpful storage trailer and container rental guidelines and tips. 

Bigger Opportunities for Twin Cities Businesses 

At Brockman Trailers, we’ve been the leading provider of storage trailers for Minnesota and Wisconsin businesses for nearly 80 years. With trailers that are nearly indestructible and with full-service support that ensures the solution you need is delivered where you need it, Brockman is making business easier. 

As a Minnesota-based business, our trailers are on job sites and at businesses throughout the Midwest, in all types of industries and serving all sorts of purposes.

Storage Trailers for St. Paul and Minneapolis

Whether our Twin Cities customers are needing a temporary storage solution for seasonal business or facility reconfiguration or a long-term solution to expand their facility footprint and increase their on-site storage capacity, our storage trailers provide dependable service any time of the year. 

Our on-site trailers allow St. Paul and Minneapolis businesses to manage the storage trailer themselves, with a trailer brought by our drivers to their facility. For customers looking for something else, we can haul the trailer to our Afton, Minnesota storage location. 

Storage Trailers instead of Expansion

Many businesses choose to rely upon the storage solutions of Brockman Trailers instead of taking on the expensive and cumbersome burden of facility construction. By utilizing a trailer, storage capacity is increased with the flexiblity and agility, however, that isn't available with permanent construction. The one situation where this solution generally won't work is when climate-control is a requirement for what is being stored. 

Storage Trailers for Rural Minnesota and Wisconsin

Brockman Trailers will haul our storage trailers to your location wherever it’s located across the upper Midwest. Our solutions for business support make it easy for business owners to make efficiency a priority.

Whether for an on-site project or for a long-term solution for storage at the business address or at our secure storage lot, Brockman Trailers can help business owners make the right decision for efficiency and management. 

To find the right storage solution for your company, contact Brockman Trailers.
Our experience will help you make the right decisions for you short or long term storage needs.