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Office Re-Imagining in COVID-19 America

The COVID crisis has changed everything about how we define and understand “going to work.” The future of your commercial office space may still be up in the air. Some companies have decided to extend employees’ work-from-home situations indefinitely as they have discovered ways to help their employees work effectively from off-site. They’ve supported an at-home work environment in a way that makes their people stay connected and efficient. In exchange, employers have also had to change some of their systems for measuring performance and productivity.

Others are working aggressively to get or keep employees together, finding that productivity and effectiveness are being hindered by the separation.


There’s another scenario, however, that businesses are discovering in these unchartered territory brought by COVID. Businesses have seen their employees continue to be productive in this new workplace reality, and so they’ve changed the way they define “the workplace” for their people. In between the two extremes — from 100% on-site, in office working all the way to completely at-home employment, is the third option. It’s a remodeled workspace; one that allows for shared work stations, conference rooms, casual workstation set ups that could resemble a coffee shop more than an office.

A New Workplace?

This hybrid of on-site working is, in the eyes of many, the new reality for work. Those not comfortable or not able to return to traditional workplace situations won’t be limited in their ability to effectively perform the essential functions of their jobs.

This new model for office work stations that most companies haven’t tried before probably requires some remodeling and reworking. Spaces must be reimagined in order to keep people safely distanced. They also must keep people engaged with their work, their associates, and their environment.

As your company adjusts to a new workspace reality, Brockman Trailers is here. We can help you manage the space, the inventory, and the furniture you have.