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4 Tips for Small Business Management

As you manage your business and try to make the best decisions possible for the road ahead, Brockman Trailers wants to partner with you to make you as agile and successful as possible, no matter what season you’re in. Consider implementing one or two of these tips for keeping business simple. 

If you’re a business owner or an operations manager, you understand how easily things get complicated with your business. It seems you’re constantly at the mercy of external influences and forces that determine so much of your future. Supply and demand causes timelines to fluctuate. Economic stalls change revenue projections. Inflation increases your overhead and makes your operation less efficient. And the list goes on. 

Keeping Business Simple

The customer’s always sometimes right.

The old adage “The customer’s always right” isn’t actually true. If your customer told you that he deserved everything in your store for free, you’d not agree. If a shopper told you to change suppliers or drop certain inventory, you’d not blindly obey. The same things are true for more subtle or agreeable demands. Maybe a customer is expecting you to maintain an old way of doing things, like continue to provide packaging for free or adhere to past shipping prices. While it may be tempting to accommodate the expectations, it’s not necessarily the right move. Treat your customers well, but don’t let them determine your strategy. 

Choose the right technology.

If you’ve been putting off adopting necessary tech for your company like Salesforce or Quickbooks, stop delaying. While the up-front commitment may seem overwhelming, the long-term payoff is worthwhile. Any investment you can make into your infrastructure, processes, and systems has the potential to free up your time and prepare you to scale for growth. Of course, all of this assumes that you’ve done your homework and are certain the solution is the best choice for your company. 

Keep training your team.

It can be easy to let entire calendar years go by without investing in your people. There’s a business principle related to this that asks, “What if I invest in training my people and they leave?” And then answers with “What if you don’t invest in training and they stay?” The price of having untrained employees isn’t necessarily measurable, but it can be categorized by inefficiency and liability. So look ahead and plan a training that will pour into your people. 

Put it all on the table.

As you look at areas you can cut costs and consider any potential inefficiencies in your systems, be willing to consider cutting just about anything. Just because you’ve always used the same shipping solution, don’t feel bad about shopping for better solutions. Maybe you need to hire a contractor. Maybe you need to fire one. Maybe the best thing for you is to hire a business analyst to find areas of potential so that you know where to invest your energy and resources. The point is that “business as usual” usually takes you to the same destinations you’ve been to before. So put it all on the table when you're trying to find ways to save money and keep business simple. 

The best way to have success tomorrow is by making good decisions today. As a manager or business owner, you can keep your business simple by making simple, practical decisions today. At Brockman Trailers, we’re here to help you make your business all that it can be. Contact us today to see how our storage solutions are making facility decisions easier.